Weight Tracking

I’m now down to 230.8 pounds. This is a one pound loss from last week. It makes sense. My diet has been about the same. I’m getting close to finishing up the wheat products I have, so that should help. I am going to make a depression cake this week, just to try it. IContinue reading “Weight Tracking”

Weight Tracking

At weigh in this morning, I now weigh 232.6 pounds. I lost the pound I gained last week, plus a little extra. I’m surprised by this, since I’ve had wheat, rice, and oats daily this week. The lesson to be learned here is that corn products will put the weight on and quickly. That makesContinue reading “Weight Tracking”

Reintroduction: Wheat

Today brings the reintroduction of wheat to a close. Wheat includes wheat flour, bread, crackers, pasta/noodles, pastries, pie crust, pizza crust, cookies, cakes, muffins, donuts, some gravy, most cereal, flour tortillas, confectioner’s/powdered sugar, and some alcohol, such as beer and vodka. I have listed my food and reactions below for each day. Today is theContinue reading “Reintroduction: Wheat”

Elimination: Week 1

Technically, my first week was a week and a half, but I have completed it. I have successfully cut wheat products from my diet! I also lost some weight! On New Year’s Day, I weighed 256.2 pounds. I am now down to 255 pounds. I had not originally planned to reward myself for this, butContinue reading “Elimination: Week 1”