Weight Tracking

At weigh in this morning, I now weigh 232.6 pounds. I lost the pound I gained last week, plus a little extra. I’m surprised by this, since I’ve had wheat, rice, and oats daily this week. The lesson to be learned here is that corn products will put the weight on and quickly. That makesContinue reading “Weight Tracking”

Reintroduction: Grains

Today brings the reintroduction of grains to a close. Grains include oats, rice, couscous, and quinoa. I have listed my food and reactions below for each day. Tomorrow begins the reintroduction of corn. Day 1 Breakfast: None. Lunch: Salad with apple, pecan, blue cheese, and vinaigrette. Snack: Banana, honey, almond smoothie, chocolate with peanut butter. Dinner: Wild rice, carrots.Continue reading “Reintroduction: Grains”

Elimination: Week 3

Today marks the end of my third week of the elimination diet. Grains (and now all gluten) have been removed from my diet. Dividing gluten into three weeks does mean slower progress on the diet, but it has been really helpful for me so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. That is important as stress eatingContinue reading “Elimination: Week 3”

Elimination: Week 2

Today is the last day of week 2. I have successfully eliminated corn products from my diet, which is no easy task. Corn products include but are not limited to corn, corn starch, corn flour, corn meal, and corn syrup. These ingredients are in nearly everything that is prepackaged. There are the obvious things, likeContinue reading “Elimination: Week 2”