Until last fall, I worked in a public library for thirteen years. I started in circulation and ended up in the history and genealogy department. For the last few years, I was the only person in that department. I catalogued. I researched. I taught classes. I learned how to read maps and legal documents. YouContinue reading “Imposter”


The last few years have been a time of complete change in my life. I’ve lost some friends and made some new ones. I changed jobs. I’m discovering my faith. I’m discovering myself. These haven’t been easy changes and I so often feel like I’m going crazy, yet it all feels right. In 2019, IContinue reading “Awakening”


I talked before about finally being ready to change, and I thought I should talk about how that happened. That’s not to say it’s the same for everyone, but I think there are aspects of how that happened for me that might be universally true for everyone. I was at a very low place inContinue reading “Impetus”


2020 and 2021 became a period of self-reflection for me, as it did for many of us. I wasn’t happy. I hadn’t been for a long time. People would say to me “just be happy” or “just be positive.” The thing about those types of statements is that they don’t tell you how. If IContinue reading “Un-becoming”

Weight Tracking

I’m now down to 230.8 pounds. This is a one pound loss from last week. It makes sense. My diet has been about the same. I’m getting close to finishing up the wheat products I have, so that should help. I am going to make a depression cake this week, just to try it. IContinue reading “Weight Tracking”

Weight Tracking

At weigh in this morning, I now weigh 232.6 pounds. I lost the pound I gained last week, plus a little extra. I’m surprised by this, since I’ve had wheat, rice, and oats daily this week. The lesson to be learned here is that corn products will put the weight on and quickly. That makesContinue reading “Weight Tracking”

Reintroduction: Wheat

Today brings the reintroduction of wheat to a close. Wheat includes wheat flour, bread, crackers, pasta/noodles, pastries, pie crust, pizza crust, cookies, cakes, muffins, donuts, some gravy, most cereal, flour tortillas, confectioner’s/powdered sugar, and some alcohol, such as beer and vodka. I have listed my food and reactions below for each day. Today is theContinue reading “Reintroduction: Wheat”

Weight Tracking

Today is weigh in. I’m at 233.8 pounds. This is a one pound gain from last week. Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t more. I reintroduced grains and corn this week, which are starchy and convert to sugar. Corn syrup has always caused me to gain a lot. However, I did try to limit my intake.Continue reading “Weight Tracking”

Reintroduction: Corn

Today brings the reintroduction of corn to a close. Corn includes corn, popcorn, corn syrup/fructose (used as a sweetener in sodas, candy, etc.), corn starch (used as a thickening agent in many foods), corn chips, corn tortillas, some cereals, cornmeal, corn oil (often in vegetable oil), and dextrose, dextrins, and maltodextrins (can be found inContinue reading “Reintroduction: Corn”