Weight Tracking

At weigh in this morning, I now weigh 232.6 pounds. I lost the pound I gained last week, plus a little extra. I’m surprised by this, since I’ve had wheat, rice, and oats daily this week. The lesson to be learned here is that corn products will put the weight on and quickly. That makes sense when you think about it. Farmers feed corn to livestock to fatten them up.

So, to keep up with the weight loss, I’m going to limit my intake of corn products to just whatever corn starch might happen to be in soup, or something like that. No more corn, soda, candy, corn chips, etc. I also want to limit my intake of wheat, other grains, and legumes. They may not add a lot on, but they are starchy.

I’m honestly really looking forward to going back to paleo now that reintroduction is over. That food tastes so much better and I feel better after eating it. The more legumes, wheat, corn, and grains I eat, the more frequently I get hungry and the more bloated I feel. I also find that I don’t really like the flavor of most of those things anymore. I ate some Girl Scout cookies during wheat reintroduction and I just didn’t like them anymore.

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I have a deep love of the woods. In my free time, I enjoy genealogy (family history), etymology (study of names and words), movies, music, reading, writing, painting, cooking, sewing, theater (opera, ballet, etc.), and traveling.

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