Weight Tracking

Today is weigh in. I’m at 233.8 pounds. This is a one pound gain from last week. Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t more. I reintroduced grains and corn this week, which are starchy and convert to sugar. Corn syrup has always caused me to gain a lot. However, I did try to limit my intake. Reintroduction requires at least one full serving of that item to properly gauge reactions. I tried to stick close to that and never ate more than two servings in a day.

Perhaps the most interesting thing with this particular reintroduction was the corn syrup. I haven’t had any soda since December 31, 2019. I love Dr. Pepper, so I had decided I would have one for corn reintroduction. I can’t say I’m a fan anymore. It was way too sweet. I don’t think I’ll be drinking soda anymore, so that should help with my weight loss moving forward.

The only thing I have left to reintroduce is wheat, which started today. I expect I’ll probably have gained some more weight by next week because of this. But, that’s ok. Once reintroduction is done and I’ve evaluated, I plan to go back to a mostly paleo diet. I feel better when I eat that way and the food tastes better. I also don’t get hungry as often.

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I have a deep love of the woods. In my free time, I enjoy genealogy (family history), etymology (study of names and words), movies, music, reading, writing, painting, cooking, sewing, theater (opera, ballet, etc.), and traveling.

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