Elimination: Week 5

Another busy weekend! Last week was the elimination of legumes from my diet. As predicted, soy was the most difficult. There are some protein shakes that I’ve been drinking that are banana, almond, and honey. They are delicious! However, they contain soy lecithin and I had to give them up. I find, as I progress, that it gets easier to give things up.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

I weighed myself this morning and I am down to 247.4 pounds! This is the first time I’ve been under 250 pounds in about seven years. As a reward for completing legume week successfully and for hitting my first benchmark goal, I ordered a personal blender so I can make my own protein shakes without soy.

Today is the first day of eliminating eggs from my diet. I love eggs, but I’ll get by. I’m a little worried that eggs might turn out to be one of my trigger foods. I don’t do well with them when I eat them in the morning and there is something still in my diet that is triggering me. We shall see.

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I have a deep love of the woods. In my free time, I enjoy genealogy (family history), etymology (study of names and words), movies, music, reading, writing, painting, cooking, sewing, theater (opera, ballet, etc.), and traveling.

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